Are you are competent employer?
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Are you are competent employer?

If you're maxed out with work you might be ready to hire, but are you really employer-ready?


Often when we see cases go to the employment court or messy disputes play out, it's because the business didn't have the processes and systems in place to become a competent employer.


You might be great at what you do, but that doesn't mean taking on staff will be a breeze. But getting the groundwork in place will help set the stage for future success.


First, you'll need a good contract, a job description and clear processes so that everyone knows what is expected.


You can find a procedures list on MBIE's website, or talk to an employment expert. You might need to assess your current team.


Profiling your team to find out their personality types can help you match natural hardwiring to roles in your business. You might already have the wrong people doing the wrong jobs in your business holding back natural growth. Resolve those first before you bring in new members.


Planning is crucial — if you're hiring because it's an emergency is there a step missing in your planning? Stop to assess where you're at, pull out that business plan and take a bit of time to be mindful in your approach.


Getting thoughts ahead of where you are will give you a break to think about alternatives. Technology and systems are evolving so consider how that may help.


Training and support will have to be on offer. Our next generation of workers are coming through and they need to be given some training as well as some support in our work environments.


Having some processes and taking the time to spend with people is important. It's often said that you should hire with attitude in mind, because most other things can be taught. In a tight labour market, you might need to nurture people into roles, rather than looking for someone who can hit the ground running.


What are the other perks you offer? Professional development, flexible hours, a work environment that embraces great whanau culture? The things you can celebrate will make a difference.


Jeremy Tauri is an associate at Plus Chartered Accountants.

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