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  • Capital gains tax tinkering

    I remember after the last election, someone saying that a capital gains tax had proved so unpopular for Labour they were unlikely to campaign on it again. It's not surprising then, that three years la...
  • Support teams offer safety net

    Small businesses are a huge part of the economy, and my client base. But although everyone likes to hear success stories, most businesspeople will tell you there are often periods of time, especially ...
  • Watch credit card debt

    Is your wallet full of plastic? Most people rely heavily on their credit cards for much of their day-to-day spending. It's worth keeping in mind some simple rules.
  • Is an Airbnb good for you?

    Thinking about running an Airbnb? Small accommodation operators, such as those that use Airbnb help to provide some very useful infrastructure for our tourism industry - especially where hotels hav...
  • Big Future for Maori Business

    I recently heard someone say that the best way to get Maori into small business was to give them a big business. This comment can be taken a few ways. I'm not sure where this saying originated, but...
  • Clarify your position

    Lots of people volunteer their time to be on boards, whether it's serving a community organisation or running a company. But the boards of community organisations often find themselves acting more ...
  • Tax rules for baches shaken up

    My in-laws have a family member arriving in summer, so my wife has booked a bach for us in Mangonui. We will use it as a base while we tick off the tourist sites we have in mind to show him.

    Do you find it hard to get people to pay your invoices on time, leaving you to take out overdrafts and other loans to cover your expenses? Being profitable isn't the problem - having cash to pay th...

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